Azure DevOps Engineer

at Vaco Technology
Location Sunrise, FL
Date Posted November 5, 2020
Category All
Job Type Contractor


Azure DevOps Engineer

Vaco is seeking for an Azure DevOps Engineer with strong knowledge of Azure DevOps, Powershell scripting, Windows, and TFS Administration. As Azure DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for encouraging a DevOps culture between software engineers, QA engineers, business analysts, product managers, and project managers. We are seeking an assertive and proactive DevOps professional that enjoys collaboration, team work, and automation.


  • Implement DevOps approach between developers, QA engineers, and systems administrators with constant communication between teams engaged in software development.
  • Standardize development, testing, and infrastructure environment by IaC to reduce software failures caused by the differences in infrastructure configuration.
  • Encourage developers and test engineers to work with new builds by creating development and testing environments to be identical to production.
  • Use Infrastructure as Code approach to quickly provision new infrastructure for new software development projects.
  • Achieve continuous testing in DevOps approach with creating test automation for unit, functional, and integration tests.
  • Implement application release automation and encourage DevOps collaboration to ensure reliability and accelerate delivery of application updates including new build deployments with minimal downtime and fewer configuration errors.
  • Through continuous testing between testing environment and production environment, reduce post-release errors and testing time.
  • With DevOps approach, improve user trust by creating higher quality software for business users while increasing test automation and fewer post-release errors.
  • Encourage business users to be involved in defining the tests to be automated and UAT.
  • Implement DevOps tools such as Azure DevOps On Prem to develop CI/CD pipelines.
  • Train software development, testing, support, and operations teams on how to properly configure DevOps tools for infrastructure management, application performance monitoring, and test automation.
  • Create DevOps implementation roadmap to consider DevOps initiative, building DevOps strategy, containerization, integrating infrastructure automation with CI/CD tools, increasing the amount of test automation and QA alignment with development, and ensuring total application performance monitoring.
  • Collaborate with CIO to organize DevOps initiative for overall IT department.
  • Work with Director of Engineering to help design DevOps strategy and monitor it's implementation including best practices to improve interdepartmental collaboration and enable new approaches to infrastructure provisioning, software development, and testing.
  • Focus with leadership to develop a common vision of accelerating software development life cycle and ensuring high quality software.
  • Enhance transparency with application performance monitoring to track performance issues, slow response, memory leaks, and runtime errors.

Technology Stack: Azure DevOps On Prem, Windows, Powershell, SQL, and TFS


  • 3+ years of DevOps Engineer experience.
  • Azure DevOps On Prem experience and Powershell scripting.
  • TFS Administration expertise.
  • Knowledge of Windows and SQL.
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